How I work

dog  photographerA Day in The Life

I developed this Day in the Life as I would always carry a camera with my lurcher dog. I captured such beautiful moments that it inspired me to photograph other people with their loved animal in that way too. I work in a documentary way – preferring to capture moments in a non obtrusive fashion. This allows for an unfolding of your day and will enable the special love relationship between you and your companion animal to come through. These photographs will be available in Fine Art print form, as stand alone prints, in a Fine art bound book as well as the option of being set to a slideshow of music. You can contact me to arrange for a full days shoot in A Day in The Life of you and your loved animal. If you don’t want the whole day I can come from as short as two hours. However, I find that the longer I spend with you the more relaxed you will be. I am available to work with individuals, groups or charities.


I prefer to take photographs in an outside environmental setting. However, we can arrange the shoot anywhere you like. I am not a studio photographer but I have decent flash lights that will enhance a creative portrait.


I work with organisations to capture a particular event using the same documentary approach.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.