I’ve been the Boat Building Academy photographer for a little while now and I have my first photographic exhibition in Lyme Regis! It finishes on thursday evening 30th May. Do come along. I’m there from 10am – 5pm at the Malthouse, Town Mill. Here are the pics watermarked that appear in the exhibition. They are […]

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Boatwork Ltd -


Another fantastic day at the Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis winter launch. This is the 5th launch that I have documented. It is such a pleasure to be involved in the christening of these absolutely beautiful and diverse constructions! It was raining when I arrived just before 9am but it soon cleared and developed into […]

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Roy Horn -

What a lovely set of boats you launched on the day. Brilliant looking craftsmanship. Well done to you all at the Boat Building Academy.

ROB Walling -


Martin Craig asked that I get in touch with you in relation to aluminium printing.

Do you have an email address that I could contact you directly on.

Many THanks

Rob Walling

Jenny -

Hi there and thanks yes it’s – pictures@jennysteer.co.uk

I decided to cycle rather than drive with my camera to photograph the Exeter floods! I cycled up to Cowley Bridge to take photographs of the submerged railway lines and traffic coming through a flooded area from Silverton. It was amazing. People said they’d never seen it this bad before. I then went along the […]

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Frances Box -

thanks for the photos jen, love your blog layout.

Jennifer Dawn Steer -

Thanks Fran. It is all a bit new and good to have feedback. I did the blog layout myself… it’s taken a little while. Now onto upgrading my website!

Debby Steer -

brilliant photos jen!

Chloe Steer -

Brilliant pic deary x

What with the Dawlish storms + Powderham Castle floods I thought I’d venture out to get some extreme weather photographs. I wasn’t disappointed! It was absolutely exhilarating getting blown by the wild wind! I love the sea when it’s blowing a gale. I went back via Powderham Castle but couldn’t get through due to a […]

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Gill Steer -

These photos r excellent Jenny u should send them 2 a paper or 2 National Geographic.

Nicci Wonnacott -

Reall good Jennifer.

Laura Denning -

These are great photos.

Anita Howard -

I particularly like the coloured trees through a fence…

Jennifer Dawn Steer -

Thanks guys!

Another great day at the Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis 2011 launch. Always a real pleasure to be a part of the moment when all that hard work comes to fruition. Here are some of my favourite photographs from the day.

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