What a funny afternoon with Emily, Alfie and Amy down along river and the Quay in Exeter! Alfie absolutely loves birds and enjoyed feeding the Black-Headed Gulls and pigeons. We came across a couple of dogs too, both were great to photograph too!

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Debby Steer -

brilliant pics ! love the one with the dogs tongue out 🙂 x

Emily Pyne -

So funny, such good pics dear. My “bird” head, ha! No glaucs in sight 🙂 xxxxx

Chloe Steer -

Lovley pics xxxx

Amy Steer -

That is so funny where u have a seagull as a head!! Haha. Xx

John Sekhar -

Really lovely photos 🙂

Gill Steer -

These r brill photos Jen really good.xxx

Helen Batt -

Love love love these Jenny! You’ve captured some special moments brilliantly once again!

Jenny -

Thanks everyone!

Jane Alexander -

Loved the blog and photos! You’ve begun the story, I want to hear what happened next!

What a pleasure as always to be the Boat Building Academy photographer at the winter launch for the latest graduation of students completing the BBA course in Lyme Regis this week! The weather was absolutely glorious. I was taken out by boat to photograph some of the craft as they sailed, motored and rowed around outside the […]

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Helen Batt -

You always get such perfect weather! Love the refection photo and the one with the trainer soles particularly. xx

Jenny -

Thanks Helen! Speak soon xx

So sad to hear that Pip the dog passed on last week. He was too poorly to carry on and Zillah was so brave to take him to the vets so that he didn’t have to suffer. It was such a privilege to be the photographer for them. These are a few of the photographs […]

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MED Theatre is currently running a young people’s research and performance project called Dartmoor in World War One. What a great afternoon I spent with these guys. We went to a place near Princetown and photographed two of the teen actors on a path that was built by conscientious objectors during the war. It was a path […]

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I love being a photographer at the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis! Today was another fantastic boat launch. There was a mist which I loved as it added an atmosphere and also gives the photographs a quality by eliminating background clutter. These are some of my favourite images from the day.

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