A fantastic sunny day with the Boat Building Academy where students of the class of March 2014 launch their boats for the first time in the harbour of Lyme Regis. The boats included a traditional clinker Thames Skiff, stitch and glued outboard-powered Broome runabout, glued clinker Beg Meil design gaff-rigged dinghy and a glued clinker […]

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Pleasure to photograph HRH The Duchess of Cornwall in Exeter at the revamped library.  It was such a gorgeous sunny day for the official opening of Exeter Central Library. A great deal of hard work culminated in the grand opening on Tuesday. Everyone was excited and the visit went down really well. The Duchess spent time […]

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Gill Steer -

Jenny they r brilliant.

Another fabulous day photographing the latest BBA launch June 2014 in Lyme Regis with the latest students completing their course. Everyone was in good cheer and a large crowd gathered in the glorious sunshine to watch as each boat was launched. There was quite a swell outside of the harbour so most of the boats didn’t venture […]

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As a volunteer response driver for South West Wildlife Rescue Centre I was phoned with two bird rescues on Tuesday night. So, the first was 2 baby Robins from Exeter that had been ousted from their nesting box by a cat and were only 2 days old! Their 2 brothers unfortunately died and they themselves […]

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Gill Steer -

Well done Jenny they are beautiful.xxx

Sheraz K-photography -

You do a wonderful job Jenny, and beautiful pictures as always.

Patricia Mertens -

These pictures are wonderful!

Jill Bosch -

Absolutely gorgeous and darling photos. They are stunning.

Julie O'Day -

Stunning photos Jen of a beautiful creature

Here’s a few pics of my fav boy Alfie!

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Gill Steer -

lovely pics Jen.xxx

Emily Pyne -

Sooo sweet xx

Emma Rice -

Cuuuuuuute! X